Custom Abutments And 14-Unit Implant Supported Bridge Case

Medit's new and most advanced scanner the Identica Hybrid is the market leader for digital dentistry and is fast, accurate and reliable.

At Medit we understand the most crucial thing for any laboratory owner is the precision, speed, usability and efficiency of the initial step of scanning when making any restoration. In this respect the Identica Hybrid is designed to accommodate all of the user's needs. 

         Chang-Woo Woo, CDT, MSE, Ph.D.

         Chang-Woo Woo, CDT, MSE, Ph.D.

Below is a custom abutments and 14-unit implant supported bridge case, made by Chang-Woo Woo, CDT, Ph.D., resulting from a duplicated wax-up denture scan using Identica Hybrid. 


The framework in this case is made of Pekkton PEKK block of Cendres+Métaux company  from Switzerland and the restorations are secured to that framework. The Custom abutment is milled using the colLab Receiver milling machine. 

It is designed with Exocad, referring to the shape from the crowns and framework scan data obtained by scanning a wax-up, which is made from duplicating the used denture, as seen in the right below image. 

The framework is manufactured using Pekktone PEKK block based on the designed data and the gingiva is made of resin build up on the Pekktone framework, then the crowns are placed into position to complete the bridge. 

Identica Hybrid not only guarantees the highest precision of scan data, but also has a large operating space for larger articulators such as Artex, Kavo and Sam. This case was made with the models scanned in articulation to guarantee the patient’s precise occlusal data and then the tooth model designed using the virtual articulator.