Implant Case Scanning and Scanbody Alignment with Updated Identica Software v2.0

This video shows screw retained model scanning and scanbody alignment work-flow using the Identica Hybrid and Identica Software v2.0.

With the Identica Software v2.0 update, you can now easily import scanbody libraries provided by third parties, which align well with your scan data. 

After updating,  re-aligning the scanbody again in the Exocad Software is not necessary. 

Video Tutorial: Orthodontic Scanning

This video shows you the orthodontic scanning work-flow using Identica Hybrid and Identica Software v2.0.

Medit realizes accurate data is essential for effective orthodontic treatment planning and care. Identica Hybrid and Identica Software provides precise digital orthodontic scan data and accurate gingival structure in just few minutes. 

You can find the embrasures of the above scan data (right image) captured in the orthodontic mode are smoother and cleaner than the scan data achieved in the general mode and all holes are filled after automatic data merging. If you would like to capture additional data, just click 'add-scan'.

Click the video link below to see the orthodontic scan workflow. 

Flexible Multi-Die for Shortening the Scanning Process

This webinar shows you the scanning of 4 upper preparations and 12 lower preparations using Medit's flexible multi-die at the same time. 

When following the conventional method, you need to scan the upper/lower base and prep teeth separately, but now you can scan them together to maximize your productivity and efficiency. 

Click the video link below to learn how to use the flexible multi-die. 

Video Tutorial: From Impression Scanning to Design

Larry Rudolph, CDT, starts off this tutorial by saying that his favorite feature of Identica Hybrid is the 3-axis arm for the auto impression scanning. See how Larry uses the 3-axis arm to improve the speed and efficiency of impression scanning.

Larry walks us through impression scanning with the Identica Hybrid and design steps with Exocad software. 

Please watch our latest video (8:48) showing how to scan an impression with the 3-axis arm.