Technical support

While we hope that you never have a problem with your Medit product, we know that problems can arise.  And when they do, it is our goal to resolve them as quickly as possible.  

If you have a problem, please follow these steps:

  1. Troubleshooting manual: If a problem occurs, please click the Troubleshooting button below to check all the online guidelines and you should always check the user manuals (Identica T500, Identica T300Identica Hybrid, Identica Blue, Identica Light).  Please make sure you are following all of the user guidelines.
  2. Contact dealer: If you can not resolve the problem, then contact your dealer.  Most problems are resolved at this level.  
  3. Technical Support Requisition: If the problem cannot be resolved by the dealer, the dealer should submit a Technical Support Requisition form to Medit in order to schedule a time for the remote control support Team Viewer.
  4. Support through Team Viewer: Once a time has been scheduled for remote control support through team viewer, our technicians will examine the scanner and report findings to the dealer with recommendations on how to proceed. Please click HERE to download Team Viewer program.