Identica Software V.2.0 Update Makes Your Scanning Work Faster And Simpler

This latest Identica Software v.2.0 release adds new features for better user-friendliness and work efficiency for Identica Hybrid, Blue, and Light users. 

This update incorporates feedback from our users and is designed to make the scanning process simpler, easier and faster.  

1. Orthodontics function added

You can now get the optimized scan data for orthodontics. With the added orthodontics scan function, you can now choose between the options of scanning of lower base and upper base separately or together to get the optimized scan data for your orthodontics. The scan data is smooth and clean since all the holes are filled after scanning. 

2. Running the Exocad CAD software immediately after scanning

If you use our Identica Scan software through Dental DB software, you can run the Exocad CAD software immediately after the scanning. You can now see 'Run CAD' button after the scanning. 

3. Save & Scan button added

You can now move to the scan software right after the tooth type setting. 
You previously had to click the scan button in the left upper side after setting the tooth type and clicking the save button in the right lower side, but now you can move to the next step with the save&scan button and it improves the ease of use significantly. 

4. Adjust scanning areas from multiple directions. 

The previous version allowed for scanning areas adjustment from the front view only. With this new release users can adjust from front, left, right, rear views to set scanning areas more accurately for each case.

5. Implant Library UI improved and ‘the third parties' Library' added

UI has been improved for the implant library selection (favorites, search) and Library 'Add' button has been added, so that now you can use  libraries provided by third parties. 

6. In context guides provide step by step instructions

We added more details for every step of the process so that you can use the scan software without the manual. The result is a shorter learning curve and faster workflow.

In addition to the highlighted features above, we added a variety of features such as multi-language support(Japanese and Chinese), UI improvement for calibration, and a simplified initial installation procedure.

We always listen to our users around the world to constantly improve our products by making them faster, easier to use and convenient.