Medit's R&D team wins top Korean award for Identica Blue 2015

Medit is proud to announce that its research & development department has been awarded the Jang Yeong-sil Award for its contributions to new technologies and products.  The award committee felt that their work in developing Identica Blue 2015 represented a step forward in 3D dental scanning technology due to its improvements in data quality and because it dramatically improves the digital workflow of the modern dentist.

Other winners included Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, and LG Chemical.

The Jang Yeong-sil Awards are named after the famed scientist and inventor from the Joseon Dynasty.  Born in the late 14th century and raised in a low class home, his intellectual prowess saw him overcome social barriers to become favored by the king.  While working for the palace he helped create objects to measure objects in space, an iron printing press, a water clock and sundial, and water gauges.  

From left: Kim Jin-soo, Lee Soo-bok (Chair of R&D), Jang Ji-woong