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Adding Medit's Identica brand scanners to your lab helps increase efficiency and productivity.  Our Identica Hybrid is one of the fastest and most accurate 3D scanners on the market and backed by a two year warranty. Scroll down to find out more about our high-end Identica Hybrid, Identica Blue, and affordable Identica Light dental 3D scanners. Contact us now.

Identica Hybrid

Identica Hybrid is our fastest and most accurate scanner. When designing Identica Hybrid we focused on the requirements of your lab to have a precise, fast, and reliable machine that is easy to learn and easy to use.  Identica Hybrid is 74% faster than previous models and offers a 3-axis scanning arm for auto-double impression scanning.  It also comes with our new flexible multi-die and triple camera color scan technology. 

Whether scanning models or impressions, Identica Hybrid gives your lab the workhorse it needs.

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Identica Blue

Identica Blue utilizes LED blue light technology guaranteeing both accuracy and speed.  With a large scanning chamber, you can easily accommodate large models and articulators, and as always we scan using an open STL format.

Identica Blue is fast, powerful, and reliable.

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Identica Light

Identica Light offers many of the benefits of our Identica Hybrid and Identica Blue, but at a much more affordable price.  It is not as fast as its bigger brothers but you can still scan a full arch in less than 45 seconds.  Identica Light is a powerful scanner and a great place to start building your dental lab.

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