Solutionix brand is a world leader in 3D imaging solutions for the industrial sector. Our Solutionix 3D scanners provide high-end scanning solutions for a wide range of industries, from designers to manufacturers.  

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Solutionix CS2+

Optimized For Acquiring High-Quality 3D scan Data

As the 3D scanning market expands consumers are demanding easy-to-use scanners and user-software that can quickly process and merge scan data. The new CS2+ offers users the ability to combine high-end 3D scanning solutions with an interface that can be used by anyone. 

Researched and developed to provide maximum convenience to its users,  CS2+ will be an ideal solution for users looking for easy-to-use professional 3D scanner for a reasonable price. 

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Solutionix DS3

Maximum Precision, Accuracy & Reliability

The DS3 is the perfect solution for digitizing very small and detail rich objects.  Using advanced blue light scanning technology, the fully automated scanning system provides highly precise and accurate data.  

Also, the DS3 is able to actively synchronize the model and camera views enabling users to recognize any scanning position and add more scans as needed.

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Rexcan 4

Rexcan 4 uses phase-shifting optical triangulation technology and employs high resolution twin CCD cameras to achieve high accuracy data, with accuracy guaranteed at less than 10 microns. 

Also, with its flexible scanning angles, the Rexcan 4 is able to scan into deeper and narrower areas on complex objects.  Blind spots that are typically hard to scan with standard angles are easily captured by the Rexcan 4.

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