The most cost effective, reliable, and convenient scanner for all of your dental applications. 


Increase your productivity with Identica Light. Identica Light is optimized for your daily dental applications, guaranteeing reliable scan results with the minimum investment of time and money. You can now digitize your dental work-flow and get fast and improved scanning ability at a very affordable price.

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Cost Effective

You can achieve a digitized dental laboratory with the affordable and reasonably priced Identica Light. 

Open and Spacious

The Identica Light has a fully open platform in contrast to conventional closed-platform scanners, maximizing user convenience for all of your dental scanning applications. 



Identica Hybrid                                                  Optimized for model & impression scanning

  • Mono 1.3 MP, Color 5.0 MP, Blue LED
  • Accuracy: 7 μm (ISO)
  • Full arch scan time: 15 sec
  • Impression scanning

Identica Blue                                                  Expanded space for large models and faster measurement

  • 1.3 MP Cameras, Blue LED
  • Accuracy: 7 μm (ISO)
  • Full arch scan time: 30 sec
  • Impression scanning