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Identica Hybrid represents the apex in 3D dental scanning. With nearly unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and reliability, Identica Hybrid helps you rediscover your productivity. It is our most powerful scanner to date, giving you up to 74% faster scan times, a flexible multi-die that cuts scan steps significantly, color scan texture for enhancing details, and more. 

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74% improvement in speed, 84% reduction in data size

We understand that your business depends upon accuracy and precision, and at Medit we have made it our mission to build reliable scanners you can count on. Identica Hybrid's scan accuracy is regularly tested at ±7μm (ISO 12836) with a standard deviation of only ±2μm -- guaranteeing you high quality scans every time.


Medit’s Identica Hybrid saves a significant amount of time and made my work much easier. The scanner has an open design, so I can scan almost anything, including a full-size articulator. Most importantly, this scanner can perform impression scans, which came out perfectly.

- Attila Pal, owner of Creative Dental Laboratory in Calgary


3-Unit Bridge X 2 ≤ 5 Minutes?

Is scanning two 3-unit bridges within only 5 minutes possible? This is possible only with the Medit Flexible Multi-Die, designed specifically to reduce the number of scan steps and save you time.


Our new flexible multi-die speeds up your workflow by allowing you to simultaneously scan a full arch or two partials, together with several single dies or you can scan up to 8 single dies separately – resulting in considerable time savings. 

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The new 3-axis arm allows Identica Hybrid to hold scan objects in almost any orientation, making it possible to scan very complex objects. The additional third axis gives the scanner an almost unlimited range of visibility, helping to guarantee accuracy and precision from each scan. 

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Triple Camera Scanning Technology 

Our new Identica Hybrid uses triple camera scanning technology with color texture support, enabling technicians to include hand-drawn markings in the digital design - resulting in high-detail images of the model or impression surface.


Extended Warranty

All of Identica Hybrid's path-breaking features mean nothing if the machine is not working or is being repaired,  which is why we are now offering a free 2 year extended warranty to every Identica Hybrid owner. Simply register your account and login to our Identica Software to receive the extended warranty.

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Identica T500

Speed & accuracy 

  • 2.0 MP cameras, Blue LED
  • Accuracy : 7 μm (ISO)
  • Full arch scan time 12 sec
  • Impression scanning 

Identica T300

Quality & affordability

  • 2.0 MP cameras, Blue LED
  • Accuracy : 7 μm (ISO)
  • Full arch scan time 24 sec
  • 2-Axis Manual