Faster and more precise than ever


The new Identica Blue employs Blue LED technology to deliver superior data quality with improved measurement across the entire object. Moreover, users have more freedom to choose where to work, without being influenced by the surrounding lighting conditions.

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The Identica Blue is equipped with advanced Blue Light Technology which provides faster scanning and higher quality data than ever before. Identica Blue is capable of scanning a full arch model automatically in only 30 seconds. 


Design Excellence Awards winner

The innovatively and creatively designed Dental 3D Scanner

Identica Blue is an international Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Winner



Reliable scan results of <7 microns are guaranteed every time you scan. The 21mm increase in operating space makes the Identica Blue perfect for larger models and articulators.


Large scanning chamber

Identica Blue's scanning chamber is large enough to work with various articulators and large models.  We give you the freedom to choose which equipment you want to work with. 

Open STL

Medit supports an open STL file format.  We know that buying into a closed system leaves you with limited choices and can be very restricting in determining how your practice grows. 


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"I have been happily using Medit scanners for several years in our milling Centre, and now, with the Hybrid's market leading speed and accuracy, everyone has the capability to successfully and confidently digitize any type of dental laboratory. From Implantology to Model Creation, I doubt there is a better scanner in the world than the Identica Hybrid from Medit."

Tim Brothers  Director, Bristol CadCam, United Kingdom

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“ The change in height makes it easier to put the physical articulator into the chamber. We also really appreciate having a very speedy scanner that is 30% faster than before, which is perfect.” 

Jean-Michel Bertin  General Director, 3D Dental Store, France


Identica Hybrid                                                  Optimized for model & impression scanning

  • Mono 1.3 MP, Color 5.0 MP, Blue LED
  • Accuracy: 7μm (ISO)
  • Full arch scan time: 15 sec
  • Impression scanning

Identica Light                                                     Cost effective, reliable, and convenient

  • 1.3 MP Cameras, Cyan LED
  • Accuracy: 7μm (ISO)
  • Full arch scan time: 40 sec